The Science of High Dusting

Pūr Matter is a service company located in Denver, Colorado, specializing in a unique, innovative and non-invasive high dust removal process for your residential or commercial space.  Our customized service is ideal for all high-ceiling features in your restaurant, gas station, gym, office building foyer, warehouse, retail space, industrial modern office, apartment common space, school or hotel.  We provide this service to you anywhere west of the Mississippi River and during hours that meet your schedule.

To ensure healthy work and living spaces it’s recommended you regularly clean and dust, easy enough until you realize you have high up features that are very hard and dangerous to get to. That’s what we’re here for. We are proud to offer the best high dusting removal services in any state west of the Mississippi!⠀
For more reasons why Pūr Matter is the best dust removal in the west read below:⠀
 1) Our tech is of the highest caliber- most high dusting companies use primitive technology that involves moving furniture and knocking down dust and then cleaning it up. We don't require moving of furniture and our tech picks up the dust from where it lays. ⠀
2) Our process has built in HEPA air purification technology - other companies contaminate your air by knocking dust down and all around - this does not happen with Pūr Matter - we collect the dust from where it sits and purify your air while doing so. ⠀
3) We work on your time - no need to keep weird hours or shut down during your hours of operation, we come to you when it's convenient for you. ⠀
4) Availability - we are available in any state west of the Mississippi, whether you have one or several locations we can do it all - there is peace of mind in consolidating services. ⠀
5) We are cleaning experts, we have been industry leaders for 20+ years. Our experience has afforded us the ability to stay educated and up to date on innovations in cleaning. ⠀
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Hi! We are Pūr Matter and just in case you don't know - we specialize in high dust removal… but not just any high dust removal! We have cutting edge technology that is purifying, non-invasive, decontaminating and eco-friendly (traditional high dusting involves contamination of the entire space, ours does not). We offer these services in any state west of the Mississippi and are proud to work on our clients' time so you don’t have to shut down your business or life to be able to have the best high dust removal in the business. For more information or for a free no pressure, no obligation quote visit our website  via the link in bio or call 720.696.3600. Shout out to Mario and Jason (pictured here) two of the best dust removal technicians EVER!
You deserve five star service and we are happy to provide just that with our high dust removal furthermore we back it up with tech + science. We have exclusive + cutting edge equipment that provides the safest and most efficient high dusting service. Our process is non-invasive - requires no heavy equipment or furniture removal. Unlike traditional high dusting (which knocks dust to the floor) our process collects dust from where it lies and purifies the air with HEPA technology. We operate on your time and are available in any state west of the Mississippi - if you want five star service we are here for you. Visit our website via the link in our bio or call 720.696.3600 to learn more.
We’ve all become more aware of the little things we can’t see that may be potentially harmful to our health in the past few years. An area that is often overlooked and underestimated in its potentially risky health effects is dust. Dust is small in size and can be inhaled, potentially evoking an immune reaction. Such allergic reactions may be minor or major depending on the individual. Dust can also serve as a “fomite”, potentially carrying viruses and possibly passing on infections. To mitigate the threats dust poses, regular dusting is suggested. This can be easy enough to tackle on lower surfaces but if you have high ceiling features or exposed HVAC it can be hard to get all that nasty dust. If you need help with high dusting in your home or commercial space we can help. Our tech is unparalleled and we offer the most effective and accessible service. Our service picks dust up from where it lies and uses HEPA air purification technology, it requires no furniture removal and is available in any state west of the Mississippi on your time. For more information visit our website via the link in our bio or call 720.696.3600.
We like to make sure we give appreciation to our dust removal technicians and everyone on the Pūr Matter team in person but sometimes it's nice to shout it from the social media mountain top so here is a big shoutout to all of our amazing dust removal technicians! Our tech is the best but that means nothing if the people operating it aren't also the best. Our technicians are hard working + detail oriented and we couldn't do this without them. Here's a big thank you to all of our wonderful techs.
Do you have high ceilings with hard to reach features like exposed beams, HVAC and lighting? Keeping up with high dusting maintenance is often that last thing on our minds and one of the easier things to put off, the problem is, the longer you put it off the harder to remove it becomes, it also impacts the look and feel of your space scratching a dull grey tone and causing uncomfortable side effects like endless sneezing. Don’t out of this maintenance any longer just put the responsibility on us! Our services use state of the art technology that removes dust from where it lies, no furniture removal is required, is available on your time, in any state west of the Mississippi, and is equipped with HEPA technology. For more information visit our website (link in bio) or call 720.696.3600.
Suffering from wicked allergies that are making you crazy? Your problem may be out of sight but it is most certainly not out of mind. There is a high probability that hidden, high up dust is exacerbating your seasonal allergies. That's where we come in. We take your hard to reach and see, high up areas from dusty to sparkling with our unique and non-invasive high dusting service. Available for both residential or commercial spaces. Our customized service is ideal for all high-ceiling features. If your space and sanity are in need of high dusting services reach out!⠀
High dusting offers; the ability to reach 40′ beams, ledges, lights and i-beams, with no heavy equipment used, movement of furniture is not required, no dust is airborne, and HEPA air purification technology - so your air is left clean and safe. Visit our website (link in bio)or call 720.696.3600 for more information.
Have you been neglecting high dusting in your commercial or personal space? High dusting is a very important part of cleaning as it removes bacteria, dust, dirt, and micro particle build-up. Many people make sure the floors, windows, and in sight surfaces are cleaned but overlook air vents, ceilings, pipes, lights etc. because they are out of sight. The problem is these surfaces are often hard + dangerous to reach without the right skills and equipment. We can solve that problem for you! Our high dust removal service is non-invasive, contains HEPA air purification technology, is decontaminating so you can breathe easy and stay healthy, and can be done entirely on a schedule that works for you. Take the stress and worry out of high dust removal with pūr matter. Visit the lin in our bio to learn more.⠀
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