Our Process

Dust particles, which are mostly comprised of dirt and airborne particles like pollen and soot, as well as carpet and clothing fibers and pet hair, accumulate on all flat surfaces in all residential and commercial spaces.  On high surfaces, like I-beams, rafters, fans, lighting and HVAC systems found in a lot of modern architecture and interior design,  it can go unnoticed for a long period of time.  After months of build-up, the eye-catching material becomes thick and emanates a dull grayish tone.  Traditional process of dust removal from high-level surfaces include the complete removal of all furniture and fixtures, the use of large equipment, knocking the dust onto the floor and allergens into the air and then collecting the material.  Our innovative process is completely the opposite.  Our state-of-the-art equipment is light, which allows us to easily move throughout your space collecting the dust from where it lies.  It takes a third of the time when compared to traditional processes, is environmentally friendly and entirely non-intrusive.


Our Ultra-modern Equipment Contains Built-in HEPA Air Purification Technology


Heavy Equipment is Not Used and the Movement of Furniture is Not Required


Ability to Reach 40′ Beams, Ledges, Lights and Exposed HVAC


No Dust Particles or Allergens Become Airborne